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In 2013, a civil war erupted in the Central African Republic, with both sides fighting over the country's diamond resources. Thousands of people have died and more than a million have been displaced. In addition, past wars fuelled by diamonds have taken about 3.7 million lives.

Everyone know natural diamond formed by natural environment.
Lab diamond formed by man-made environment.
Now, the man-made environment has reached 100% level.
Obviously, natural diamond and man-made diamond are the same diamond.

Even diamond tester cannot differentiate the difference, then why pay extra to get natural diamonds?
Lab diamond selling very well in United States now.
United State Federal Trade Commission FTC & Diamond Certified Company GlA announced: From physics, chemical & optical point of view, Lab Diamond are real diamond same as mined diamond.

We must be grateful to God for creating a beautiful world, we must support man-made diamonds, because natural diamonds will destroy nature.
We must respect all living beings and strongly recommend man-made diamonds, because natural diamonds cause wars and take away precious lives.
We repay God with love, insist on buying man-made diamonds, give away the remaining money, and resolve all hatred with love.

Do you still want to purchase natural diamonds?
Blood diamonds, which are also know as conflict diamonds. This is the best time to support lab-crown diamond. Lab-crown diamonds are the only true conflict-free diamonds.

If we care about nature and cherish precious lives, we can't find a reason not to join ODC, Because we also hope that family and friends do not buy natural diamonds, We also hope that they will not spend more money on lab diamonds.

2018 DeBeers shocked the industry with the launch of its own lab diamond jewellery brand, LightBox. The world's largest diamond company is also involved in lab diamonds, which means lab diamonds are about to replace natural diamonds.